Tuesday, June 26, 2007

This is the second boy that had found a forever home with us. . His name is Buster. We saved him from
a pet store that could not sell him after 3 months of him being there so his fate was
to be fed to a snake. When we first saw him he was in a small cage covered in his own pee and was
sneezing (which for a rabbit, isnt too good). We already had Buddy at home so we called up our vet to ask
if it would be safe to bring him into our house and after the ok from her, we went straight to the pet
store and paid $50.00 and brought him into our house and he has been happy ever since!! We almost lost
him alittle over a year ago when he suffered from GI Stasis. It cost us alot of money to save him but it
worth it. We love him soooooooo much. Our Forever Buster Bunny <3
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