Tuesday, June 26, 2007

This is our big boy Casper. He is a New Zealand. We saved him from death at an animal shelter. We cannot believe for the life of us how nobody wanted him. They found him wandering outside, someone just dumped him. He was adopted once before we got him, but they returned him to the shelter. When we went to the shelter, we were acutally interested in another rabbit but this guy needed our help desperately. WE THANK GOD he came to be with us. He is the best rabbit, he actually thinks he is a dog. We love him so much........our big beautiful boy!!
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This is our little Kahluah( grey and white). She came to us with her best friend Snowball. We were supposed to just board them while their owners went on vacation but they never came back to pick them up. They were both mistreated before they came to us, you could just tell. They were dirty and very underweight. Kahluah was very distant and just sat in a corner and we thought she was deaf. One day there was blood coming from her ear and we rushed her to the vet and found out that there was a maggot living in her ear and it completely ate her eardrum. We hadn't even had her for 2 weeks and we were paying for her to get well, not even knowing at that time that her so called owners were never coming back. We thank God that she found her way to us because who knows what would have happened to her if she was left with the other people.
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This is Biscuit and Brakus. We had them for a very short time, they were jsut babies. Our Buddy was jealous and kept peeing around them so we just adopted them out. I wonder what they are doing now....we miss them!!!
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This is our little girl Belle. We got her when we were living in New Jersey. Went into Petsmart to get some Timothy Hay and came out with a cage and her in it. She was abandoned there and was offered for adoption at no cost except a purchase. We got the hay, a few toys and her!!! She was very overweight when we first got her because her previous owners were feeding her a very bad diet of those treat foods you get at the pet stores. THEY ARE NOT GOOD FOR THE LITTLE GUYS!! Needless to say, we started feeding her like we did buddy and buster. Timothy hay, timothy pellets and fresh greens. Now she is a skinny little angel.
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This is the first rabbit that we ever had come into our home. His name is buddy and he was purchased from a breeder. He is the only
rabbit that did not start off having a bad life. When he came to us he was 4 weeks old. He is my wife's favorite and i would not like to be around her if something should ever happen to him. He is sooo playful and he runs around your feet and gives you bunny kisses. The only bunny of ours to do so. He is a Netherland dwarf and only about 2 pounds. Buster and him look alot alike. We tried to bond them, but all they seem to do is attack each other. Buddy is 2 now and thankfully we have never had a scare with his health. I hope he is around for many years!!!
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This is the second boy that had found a forever home with us. . His name is Buster. We saved him from
a pet store that could not sell him after 3 months of him being there so his fate was
to be fed to a snake. When we first saw him he was in a small cage covered in his own pee and was
sneezing (which for a rabbit, isnt too good). We already had Buddy at home so we called up our vet to ask
if it would be safe to bring him into our house and after the ok from her, we went straight to the pet
store and paid $50.00 and brought him into our house and he has been happy ever since!! We almost lost
him alittle over a year ago when he suffered from GI Stasis. It cost us alot of money to save him but it
worth it. We love him soooooooo much. Our Forever Buster Bunny <3
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